Wild Flower Meadow

The clients at a property deep in the Sussex countryside contacted us to re imagine a space at the edge of their garden that backed onto fields. At first they wanted us to create a mixed border of trees, shrubs and perennials.

Taking advantage of the aspect and views we decided that a meadow would be a more natural option that blended with the wider landscape.

Plantsman’s Garden

The client of this garden in London was in the process of renovating the house and wanted to renovate the tired lawned garden at the same time.

The client loved plants and was keen to fill the garden with as many as possible. This lead us to create a seating area in the centre of the garden and surrounding it by planting.

A garden room we designed has also been added to the end of the garden so the client has the perfect space to work form home but also admire the garden in all seasons.

Country Garden

This lime walk is part of a large garden we have designed in Kent. The garden is split up into many different garden rooms all linking with the wider landscape and views beyond.

This particular areas is planted with bulbs and long flowering perennials ensuring it looks good all year round.

Outdoor Room

The client of this property in London wanted their garden to become an outdoor room that seamlessly flowed from their band new basement extension.

This has been achieved by using the same contemporary flooring and carrying it out into the garden as paving. This seamlessly blends the two spaces together. The seating area is located in the centre of the garden in order to surround it by planing giving the space interest in all seasons.

Contemporary Light Well

This light well was situated in a new extension . The kitchen windows looks out on it from two sides.

The client wanted a space they could look out onto all year round and still had seasonal interest.

This has been achieved through adding a mirror that makes the space seem larger when standing in it. Corten steel planters filled with perennials and bulbs have also been added. The corten looks good in all seasons and the plants create dynamic seasonal display from January to late October.

Front Garden

The clients at this property wanted their front garden to be filled with plants but also still have space to store there bins.

We achieved this by demolishing a bit of the boundary wall to make room for a new bin store allowing the rest of the garden to be filled with plants.

Current Projects

Here is a selection of the projects we are currently working on. Locations include London (Chelsea, Highgate and Tufnell Park), Cambridge, Rural Sussex and the Cotswolds.

We are also undertaking a very special project for the NHS.

Kent Farmhouse

We are currently working on a very exiting scheme in the Kent countryside. The clients lives in a historic listed farmhouse. They are keen for the garden to be divided into a selection of different garden rooms. Each room has a different purpose and style. As you walk away from the house the rooms get more wild and natural linking with the landscape beyond.

Contemporary garden in Cambridge

We are currently working on a very exiting scheme in the centre of Cambridge. The client lives in a new build property and was keen for the currently blank garden to be more interesting and provide screening from his neighbours. He also wanted to add a new garden room in the space where he could have a home office / gym. ( image above is view from this new garden room). The client wanted a bit of lawn to use for marquee parties in the summer but was not keen to mow it. This made us go down the route of a robot mower that is hidden under the garden room to keep it out of sight!

Commercial Projects

Royal Free Hospital

Following the cancelation of RHS Young Designer 2020 we have teamed up with the other finalists Emilie, Max and Freddie to renovate a garden roof space at the Royal Free Hospital in London. The space aims to give the hospital staff a place to relax and recover mentally from their experiences during the pandemic.

Show Gardens

RHS Young Designer 2020

Coastal Escape was a concept I came up with for the RHS Tatton Young Designer competition in 2020. At the centre of the garden there is a large circular deck for the user to enjoy the evening coastal sunset. With climate change we will be able to grow lots of Mediterranean plants. I wanted to demonstrate this in the garden by planting Mediterranean plants along side UK native ones that would also survive in a UK coastal setting.

Exotic Border 2019

The exotic border was a planting installation at the Belvoir Flower and Garden Show. It aimed to demonstrate how you can achieve the tropical / exotic fell in your own garden by using hardy trees and shrubs. The majority of the plants in the border were hardy and a few tender plants dotted in for increased effect.

Award – People’s Choice

Macmillan Legacy Garden 2020

I was contacted by Macmillan Cancer Support to design a garden for them at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2020. Macmillan wanted to symbolise the legacy gifts people give in there wills to their charity.

The gardens location was imagined as a city courtyard for people to sit and contemplate their own legacy in. The trees in the garden provide a dappled shade effect and also represent the strength of the Macmillan nurses and the support they give.

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