Public gardens

Although our main service is designing gardens for private clients we do undertake a selection of commercial projects too. 

NHS Gardens

 We are incredibly proud to be able to support the NHS with four new gardens. It is proven that access to green space changes lives and we hope that these new spaces will give NHS staff, patients and relatives space to recover from the pandemic and escape the stressful hospital environment.

Orpington Hospital

We are designing a new garden around the new well-being hub (designed by Wilby & Burnett). This will be located in one of the large courtyards at the hospital. This garden will be visible from inside the hub and from the hospital corridors.

Royal Free Hospital

This project is a collaboration with the other young designers and Landform. The project involves the renovation of the staff roof terrace. This will allow them to have a green oasis to relax and talk in order to start the healing process from their experience during the pandemic.

Conquest 21

The conquest hospital was designed around a large number on internal courtyards. These let light into the hospital and also provided spaces for patients and staff to relax. However, in recent years they have become neglected. We have been given the opportunity to restore one of these courtyards back to its former glory.

Waldron Heath Center

We are designing a new edible garden at the entrance to the Health centre in collaboration with Wilby & Burnett.

Show Gardens

As well as designing gardens for private and public clients we also like to design for shows. This helps us to develop and test out concepts that we later transfer into our private clients gardens.

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