E-Design is a hands-off approach to garden design, where we are able to offer you an online service, that is a simple and therefore more affordable alternative to our full garden design service.

It is the ideal solution if you want some design direction and expertise but are happy to put in a bit of the early leg work and manage and oversee the project yourself. With e-design, you can tackle the design of your garden one space at a time, at your own pace and as your budget allows.

We ask you to fill out our simple online questionnaire, gathering from you all the relevant information we need to understand your vision for your garden. Taking all this information and your brief, we then work on creating a beautiful and functional custom designed plan for you that serves as a do-it-yourself guide.


E-Design options

Full E-Design 

Coming Soon! 

E consultation:

In collaboration with the Outdoor Studio we are offering a consultation service. 

If you would like to book a call with us to discuss your garden please book via the link below.

Please note: These will take place on zoom

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