Biodiversity Net Gain

Under The Environmental Act 2021 all planning perditions granted in England (with a few exemptions) will have to soon deliver at leas 10% biodiversity net gain.

Some local authorities are currently mid way through a 2 year implementation period while others already require a 10% net gain on all new applications. 

What does this mean for a planning application?

To determine the Biodiversity Net Gain for a proposed development an ecology report will be required followed by the  landscape design and planting plan.

Each application will require a Biodiversity Metric which compares the ecological value of the existing site vs the proposed design and planting plan. The proposed scheme will have to prove and increase of at least 10% on the Biodiversity Metic. 

We are increasingly working with clients at very early stages, coordinating ecology reports and related professionals to help our clients achieve the 10% Biodiversity Net Gain for their applications.

If you are unsure if you require planning for your landscaping works please refer to the planning section of our How much does landscaping cost? post for guidance. 

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