Garden Shade

With unprecedented temperatures hitting the UK and Europe this week one of the realities of climate change is beginning to effect us all. Shade is therefore essential in any garden design. A number of options are highlighted below:


  • Freestanding open structure that use beams to create shade.
  • Often designed for climbing plants to grow over.
  • Retractable pergolas are often a more modern choice.
  •  Traditionally these would mark the entrance to a garden with a bench under them. More common for them to be used as part of a seating area.

Pagoda and Gazebo

  • Garden structures that feature a roof and are often round or octagonal in shape.
  • Their sides are often fully open or semi open.
  • A gazebo is what would traditionally be built in public spaces for bandstand and events.
  • A pagoda is a Buddhist and Hindu temple that features intricate designs. (not to be confused with pergolas).

Shade Sail

  • A sail that is a flexible membrane tensioned between several anchor points.
  • More affordable and versatile than other hard structures.
  • These are water resistant not waterproof.



  • Open sided, roofed or vaulted gallery.
  • Can be free-standing or run along a building or wall.
  • Can be used for many different lesser uses from seating to garden games area. 

Image – Pintrest 


  • Often over looked as a source of shade 
  • Natural all year round feature in the garden 

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