Garden Rooms

Why garden rooms?

Since the end of the first lockdown we have seen an increase in clients wanting to include garden rooms to use as home offices, gyms or spaces to relax in. Lots of the garden room companies have become inundated with orders and lead times have been long.

However, we are lucky to have a part time architect in our team who can detail garden rooms and other garden structures. This means a garden room designed by us can be included in a wider garden design and built by the landscape contractor. This enables garden room, paving around it and planting can all be designed at the same time. This prevents you getting caught up in lengthy garden room company lead times delaying the build of your room.

How much do garden rooms cost?

A good well built garden room with bifold doors, electrics, water etc can start from between £25,000 – £30,000. Particularly with so many people working from home and looking to work from home in future it is now seen as an essential investment and will look good for prospective buyers when you sell too!

Before and after garden room transformation in our Cambridge garden (Construction starts March 2021)

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