Macmillan Legacy Garden

We are very exited to announce that we will be creating a show garden for Macmillan Cancer Support at the rebound Harrogate Spring Show in April. Macmillan wanted to raise awareness that you can give a legacy gift in your will to them and this is a vital source of there charities income.

The design is a tranquil contemplative woodland garden where people can reflect on their legacy and the work of Macmillan.

The garden features a grid of silver birch trees providing a canopy of foliage through which dappled light illuminates the woodland planting. An atmosphere of calm is generated by the soft palette of ferns and spring flowering woodland perennials. A granite path is partly paved and partly unfinished to reflect the future support Macmillan hopes to provide. The water bowls, reminiscent of woodland puddles, provide a point for reflection and indicate that Macmillan welcomes donations of any size.

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