Prospect Cottage Restoration


This former victorian fisherman’s cottage was bought by the award winning film director, artist and gardener Derek Jarman in 1986 and was his home until his death in 1994. While at the cottage he created an extraordinary garden on the Dungeness shingle using both plants and sculptures made out of objects washed up by the sea. Beth Chatto stumbled on the garden in 1990 and provided her with the inspiration to create the gravel garden at her home in Essex. After Derek‚Äôs death the garden was cared for by his partner Keith Collins until 2018. In 2020 the garden and cottage was bought by the Art Fund.

Our involvement

In 2019 we were given the opportunity to help with the restoration of the iconic garden at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness in Kent. The garden restoration is managed on working weekends where a team of gardeners, artists and designers come together to work on the garden over a weekend. There are three of these weekends a year. The progress through 2019 has been extraordinary and the garden is in much better shape than when we arrived. The working weekends have been on pause during the pandemic but we hope we can come and help out soon!

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