Environmental technology in garden design


With government targets fast approaching clients are asking us how they can generate energy. This may be as simple as them wanting to install solar panels on their house, garden room, pool house, outbuildings, etc or on a larger scale devote a field to solar or ground source heating in order to become self sufficient.

This has become a popular option due the the governments Renewable Heat Incentive. If you are domestic the government will pay the installation cost of a system up to a certain value. However, if you are a business there is no limit on the system cost and the government will pay it in full over a number of years.


Lots the large systems such as ground source heat can be combined with meadow creation benefiting the environment and the local biodiversity. We can assist in creating a meadow mix that blends with the area and environment your garden sits in. Often clients like to have their solar panels screened to they can’t see them. This is often a benefit of using a garden designer when you are planning a system like this as the screening can be incorporated into the design rater than an afterthought that compromises it.


With the winters becoming wetter and summers dryer water has become something to consider when planning a new garden. This can take a number of forms from reservoirs to underground water storage tanks.

Most commonly underground water storage tanks are used to collect rain water off roofs on the property for example house, garage, greenhouse. All the buildings can be channeled into one tank. This often sits below the drive or terrace where work is already being done to install the surface and all the extra work is to dig down below to include the tank and then pave on top with an access cover to inspect the pump or water level.

The water storage tank or reservoir can be connected to the gardens irrigation system so reduces mains water going onto the garden and is also environmentally sustainable.

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