Climate change and garden design

What does climate change mean for gardens and garden design?

When you decide to create a garden some people do it to improve the environment or to encourage wild life. Although gardens are great at this we thought it was important to tell the whole story.

Material choice

We are very lucky there are a huge range of hard landscaping materials that can be used in gardens. However, we think it is important that our clients know where the material has come from and its impact on our climate. Many of the materials that are available unfortunately have to be imported. When we are talking to our clients about what hard landscaping material to use we always give the option of at least one British option and fully disclose the environmental impact of the other options.


Did you know that in the UK the construction industry accounts for 10% of the nations carbon emotions?

Naturally the whole construction industry is not just building gardens but the impact of the construction is an important consideration.

In efforts to minimise the environmental impact we aim to detail the hard landscape by using the minimum amount of concrete. It may also be possible to recycle old features in the garden to prevent bringing more materials to site and waste of the old features. It may also be possible to use electric machinery to minimise emissions too!


The majority of plants sold in the UK are grown in the EU. There is naturally an environmental impact in transportation from the EU to UK and then onwards to your garden. When sourcing plants we try our hardest to use nurseries who are growing their own stock in the UK. This not only helps the environment but also helps keep the plant growing skills at these nurseries so they are not lost.

are not biodegradable causing huge amounts of plastic waste when the waste pots are sent to landfill having only been used once.

Large amounts of plants are also grown is a substance called peat. Although it is a natural growing material its extraction destroys the rare wildlife habitat (peat bogs) where it is found.

With climate change the UK climate will change and this will also lead to us to change the type of plants we use in our gardens.

What are we doing?

We take climate change incredibly seriously. We are constantly trying to reduce our impact of the environment through how we work. Our ambition is to be able to take our studio off grid with solar and geothermal energy … we are now quite there yet.

With sites across the UK we travel a lot of miles by car. This has lead us to try to think how we can offset these huge milages. Our solution has been to sign up to Ecologi a subscription service that aims to offset your carbon emotions. They do this through funding eco friendly energy project and planting trees in areas where deforestation has occurred.

So far we have planted over 1,000 trees and removed over 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is the equivalent to driving 57,000 miles in a car or taking 7 long haul flights.

Click on the logo below to view our forest and see the impact we have had on the climate.

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