How much does garden design cost?

I expect if you have come across this blog post ether through the blog page on our website or on google you are wondering how much does it cost to use a garden designer to improve your garden.

So how much does it cost to use a garden designer? It would be very nice if there was a simple answer to this question but unfortunately it is more complicated that you might imagine. You will notice that not many designers disclose prices on their websites. This is because the fees associated with every project are different and dependent on gardens size and what you (the client) wants to achieve through redesigning the garden. You may have a small urban garden that you want redesigned. This type of project will take considerably less time than a garden that is multiple acres in size.

All designers charge in different ways. Some will charge a hourly rate and charge based on this as the project progresses. Other designers (including ourselves) will charge a set fee to carryout different stages of the design process. This method is usually charged as a percentage of the total build cost of the garden. So for example if the build cost was £50k then the designer may charge a fee of 12.5% making the total fees for the project £6,250. This fee structure follows guidance set out by the Society of Garden Designers. Typically the smaller the budget the higher the persentage fee.

Working with a designer is very similar to working with an architect when designing a house or extension. Most designers and architects will produce a similar amount of detailed drawings.

Designers fees tend to be split into different stages. Typical stages below:

  1. Site survey/site analysis/initial client briefing
  2. Garden Masterplan
  3. Construction Design
  4. Planting Design
  5. Lighting Design
  6. Specification and Tender

We can provide a detailed fee explanation document on request.

If you are struggling to know what to budget for your garden then you may want to take a look at our How much do gardens cost post.

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