Frequently Asked Questions

This post aims to provide the answers to some questions we are often asked when designing gardens … if you have any further questions please get in touch. Details can be food on our contact page.

How does the design process work?

The design process has several different stages outlined simply below:

  • Initial Meeting – A meeting with Oliver to discuss your project with you.
  • Survey – Conducted by a land surveyor.
  • Concept Design – A flat plan with supporting visuals to accurately show you our vision for your new garden
  • Construction Design – Construction drawings and specifications are a key element for contractors to accurately price the construction of the garden.
  • Planting Design – Planting mood boards are created once you are happy we create a planting plan to determine number of each plant.
  • Lighting Design – Plans indicating positions of lights and recommending lighting products.
  • Planning – In some cases planning may be required.
  • Tender – The majority of our projects enter a tender process with three trusted landscapers.

How long does it take to design the garden?

The size of your garden will influence the time it takes to design. Currently we can get a design together for you in between 3-6 weeks. (NOTE: This is once we have had an accurate survey of your garden completed). Once the design has been agreed then we progress into the construction design and planting design stages.

How long will the build take?

The construction of gardens can vary from under a month for some small gardens to over six months for larger projects.

When is the best time to start having my garden designed?

You can start the design process at any time of year, ideally if the garden is linked into a house renovation it is wise to get a designer on board once you have got planning permission for the house works. This enables the hard landscaping around the house to be designed so the house and garden blend together.

How much does a new garden cost?

New garden transformations start from around £25,000 – £30,000. The design process runs smoothly if you provide a budget for your garden. If you don’t this can lead to costly revisions that make the process very disjointed.

When deciding on a budget it is important to consider that most garden transformations cost around £190 – £300 per meter squared. If your garden has a level change it is likely to be more costly to build than a garden that is completely flat.

Are you able to offer planning advice?

Many elements such as swimming pools, tennis courts and garden buildings require planning permission. Also in some cases such as permitted development restrictions or listings will require the entire garden to be submitted to the planners for approval. We are able to advice and produce drawings for all planning situations.

Will a new garden add value to your property?

They say a well designed and maintained garden can add up to 20% onto your property value. Often first impressions are very important so a well maintained front garden and street in urban areas are very important.

What is the best time to plant plants?

The best time to plant plants is October – March.

Bulbs must be plated October – December. If you miss this time but want bulbs in the spring you can buy them potted.

Can you organise a landscaper to build our new garden?

We can recommend several landscape contractors who can provide a quote for the garden build and planting.  

(Please note, we have no control over their schedules or admin processes.)

Are you able to source plants, trees and garden features?

Some of the elements we are regally asked to source are: plants, trees (all sizes), furniture, sculpture, stone (including rocks) and pots.

Are we able to phase the build of the garden?

This is not a problem many builds for larger gardens are regally phased as some elements may be able to be constructed without planning so we can get cracking on them while we wait for planning to come through for the rest.

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